Crawler Dakk CCTV

CCTV Examination of a Box culvert

The Culvert

Inspire (Structures) were required to carry out a detailed examination of a twin bore stone box culvert. In recent times the culvert has only been viewed from the ends due to its small size. Each bore being 575mm wide by 775mm in height. The culvert could only be accessed via a small unsurfaced path running alongside a river. No vehicular access was available.


The Equipment

The Dakk crawler was utilised to examine both bores. It was fitted with the 300mm dia. rimless wheels to allow the crawler to negotiate the debris on the invert and the battery-operated DVR control unit was used. Wi-Fi was enabled to allow the footage to be viewed on 2 separate screens, one used by the operator and one by the examiner.


The Team

To carry out the examination a team of one STE4 examiner and one operator was used. The operator drove the crawler through the culvert whilst the STE4 carried out the examination.


The Examination

The examination found several previously unseen defects. Including transverse fractures to the stone slabs and displaced side walls.



Crawler Dakk is a bespoke tool that was developed to be used in this type of situation. A two-person team could safely and easily transport the equipment through unmade terrain and accomplish a high-quality examination. Previously unseen defects were identified and highlighted to the client to enable informed engineering decisions to be taken on future maintenance of the culvert.

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