Culvert Push Dakk CCTV

Successful exam on a partially buried structure

The Culvert

Inspire (Structures) were required to carry out a detailed examination of a single barrel culvert. There was no previous detailed examination and no record of the barrel ever been viewed. On arrival, the culvert was found to be partially buried at both ends.


The Equipment

Standard crawler systems on the market could not fit through the gap, so our Push Dakk system was utilised to examine the barrel. This system incorporates the standard camera and control unit used in all the Dakk range but is installed on a small raft. It could be inserted through the small gap into the barrel and then negotiate the large stones and debris on the invert. The rigid aluminum poles were chosen to allow greater control over the raft. The Wi-Fi was enabled to allow the footage to be viewed on 2 separate screens.


The Team

To carry out the examination a team of one STE4 examiner and one operator was used. The operator guided the raft through the culvert whilst the STE4 carried out the examination.


The Examination

Push Dakk was inserted into the barrel through the narrow aperture and once inside the clearance began to increase and a full detailed examination was carried out. The barrel was found to be in overall fair condition with large stones and debris on the invert.



Push Dakk is a bespoke tool that was developed to be used in this type of situation. There is no other type of CCTV equipment that would have succeeded in examining this barrel without costly enabling works to dig out the headwalls. Once dug out conventional wheeled crawlers would still have struggled to pass the large stones on the invert. Push Dakk accessed the culvert negotiated the debris without additional enabling costs to the client.

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