Trak Dakk CCTV

Urgent defect in a previously unseen culvert barrel

The Culvert

Inspire (Structures) were required to carry out a detailed examination of a single bore culvert. In recent times the culvert has only been viewed from the ends due to its dia. of approx. 450mm and length of 78m. The culvert headwall was at the base of an embankment over 21m from the track. Access was on foot down the embankment.


The Equipment

Trak Dakk was utilised to examine the barrel due to its small size and ease of transportation allowing it to be safely carried to the headwall. It was fitted with the spiked rubber tracks and Wi-Fi was enabled to allow the footage to be viewed on 2 separate screens, one used by the operator and one by the examiner.


The Team

To carry out the examination a team of one STE4 examiner and one operator was used. The operator drove the crawler through the culvert whilst the STE4 carried out the examination.


The Examination

The invert was found to contain silt, debris and water. The unit passed over with ease going on to discover defects that required the examiner to report an urgent defect. Several transverse fractures and flattening of the barrel were discovered.



Trak Dakk is a bespoke tool that was developed to be used in this type of situation. The presence of debris, silt and water along the invert, compounded by the small dia of the culvert did not hinder the examination which resulted in serious defects being reported to the client.

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