Examination & Inspections

Inspire (Structures) Ltd specialise in railway asset inspections and examinations, even on the most complex structures, such as tunnels

Our highly qualified team of engineers and examiners possess the following competencies:

• STE1
• STE2
• STE3
• STE4
• STE5
• STE6
• STE7

Our team of engineers has extensive experience of railway structures and can provide the following services:

1. STE2 report reviews
2. STE6 tunnel examinations
3. Production/update of asset management plans
4. Project management to meet all client requirements and objectives, at levels which may not be available in-house

We are happy to provide clients with a range of comprehensive structural examinations, including:

Coastal, estuarine and river defences

Innovative inspection solutions

Inspire (Structures) have tackled the problem of examining difficult access culverts without having to go to the expense of dewatering or desilting. We teamed up with Antony Peckston from DAKK Engineering, an experienced Mechanical and Electrical Engineer from the Oil and Gas industry, and our combined skills have resulted in the DAKK range of CCTV equipment.

Our CCTV equipment is designed to access culverts without the need to dewater / desilt; resulting in a significant cost saving to the asset owner. It is also portable and lightweight and can be safely carried to site by two people, reducing the need to arrange track access or vehicular access. Find out more here.

High-quality examination reports from Inspire (Structures) Ltd

All our examiners are competent to STE4 and possess a minimum of PTS, although most examiners are COSS qualified. They are also trained to work in medium risk, confined spaces.

All DAKK CCTV inspections only require a two-person operation team, all teams have STE4 and a COSS.

You can be reassured that due to the fact we are a leading training organisation for STE4 structure examiners all the examiners attending client inspections are fully trained to meet the very latest standards. We also provide regular monitoring and auditing of all the examiners employed by Inspire (Structures) Ltd, so you can rest assured of the high quality of examination standards supplied.

STE2 examining engineers also form part of the close-knit team employed by Inspire, so we’re happy to provide any essential STE2 reviews of reports within our examinations service.

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