Our team of professional and experienced examiners and engineers possess the expertise to assess and inspect a wide variety of bridges throughout the UK, ranging from arches to complex metal structures. All of our engineers are fully qualified to STE4 and we can also undertake any required STE2 engineering review following inspection, and make effective recommendations for required maintenance.

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality bridge examinations to provide the essential information needed to maintain, repair or arrange upgrades to bridges of any kind. We are fully experienced in the vast range of bridge structures found in the UK and have the technical expertise that’s essential for identifying problems before they become too serious.

Client engagement is one of our major strengths and we ensure all our clients are fully up to speed with the examination results at the earliest opportunity.


Bridge examinations from Inspire (Structures) Ltd


We are leading suppliers of training and competency assessments, so you can rest assured our bridge examiners possesses all the most up-to-date knowledge to assess any type of bridge. You can rely on our professionals to provide the accuracy in an examination that’s required to give you thorough knowledge of the condition of any bridge.

We provide a specialist bridge examination service and offer all aspects of bridge examination for your asset.


Our bridge examiners can carry out the following:

– Visual Examinations.

– Visual Examinations / General Inspections which examine all areas of the bridge that can be easily accessed, without the need for scaffolding or specialist equipment. Visual aids, like binoculars and drones, can be used if deemed necessary. River beds will also be checked for signs of scour which could undermine the foundation of the bridge.

– Detailed Examinations / Principal Inspections also include checks for potential scour and a detailed inspection of all parts of the bridge. Scaffolding or specialist equipment will be used, where necessary to access difficult to reach areas of the bridge so a full tactile inspection can be carried out. Comprehensive reports are provided for all examinations.


We can also carry out additional examinations, when instructed by clients. It could be that bridge structures need additional examination due to carrying abnormal loads or as a result of flooding or accidental damage.

We can also inspect any associated culverts and, where these are flooded or too small for human access, our DAKK robots prove extremely useful.

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