Coastal & River Defences

We are a team of highly experienced examiners and professional engineers with the knowledge, expertise and ability to examine coastal, estuarine and river defences at any location in the UK.

All our examiners are fully qualified to STE4 standards and have also received extensive training in the signs and effects of erosion, different types of coastal, estuarine and river defences, and repair techniques.

We can also provide an STE2 engineering review which will include effective recommendations for maintenance that’s required.



About coastal, estuaries and rivers in the UK


Risks of flood or erosion are significant in many areas of the UK. The asset management of coastal, estuarial and river defences in the UK requires a concerted programme of regular examination and maintenance.


Benefits of our examinations of coastal, estuarine and river defences


Assessing the condition of defences is based on grading the condition of the assets, on a number of specific criteria, alongside assessing its performance thoroughly. The resulting information provides a reliable assessment of the overall condition of the asset. Engineering reviews of the reports provided give asset owners recommendations on work needed and likely timeframes before damage becomes more prevalent.

If your coastal, estuarine or river defences need assessing and examining thoroughly, get in touch with us for more information.

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