Engineering Solutions

At Inspire, we’re proud to have an expert team on hand to find simple solutions for complex engineering challenges. We work together with each of our clients to equip assets owners with the ability to optimise their performance with engineering solutions that work.

Inspire has a wealth of engineering knowledge ingrained within our team through the collective experience of inspection, design and maintenance projects. Our team of in-house engineers have over 100 years of engineering experience of railway and highway structures and can provide the following services:

  • STE2 report reviews
  • Authorising Engineer support
  • Chartered and Incorporated engineering support
  • STE6 Tunnel Examinations (Lined and Unlined)
  • Creation of asset management plans in line with
  • Client and statutory requirements
  • Production of inspection and access remits
  • Delivery of engineer lead asset
  • Inspection regimes
  • Monitoring
  • Deflection testing

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