Underwater Services

At Inspire, we are dedicated to providing a wide range of specialist underwater services so you can safeguard your assets, no matter where they are. From detailed underwater inspections to scour surveys and sonar, whatever underwater services you need for your business, we can provide a tailor-made solution led by experienced engineers. We use a range of innovative techniques, specialist equipment and the latest technology to ensure our clients get accurate, reliable and actionable data on their underwater assets.

Underwater Inspections

At Inspire, we offer thorough and reliable underwater inspections for asset owners to accurately survey structures submerged in water. We can capture high-resolution data using a variety of technologies including photography, videography and sonar to complete inspections you can rely on. Our specialist underwater services team have been trained to the very highest standards, operating with efficiency and safety in the most challenging conditions to deliver:

  • Detailed Inspection of Underwater Elements
  • Scour Surveys and Assessments
  • Bathymetric Surveys of River and Seabed
  • NDT
  • Removal of Soft and Hard Marine growth
  • Sonar Surveys
  • Photogrammetry
  • Debris Surveys and Removal
  • Video/ Photographic Inspections
  • Rapid Response and Emergency Call Out
  • Floodwater and River Level
  • Remedial Works

Rapid Response and Emergency Call Out

Underwater assets can be critical for efficient transport networks so we offer a rapid response and emergency call out service. Whether you’re concerned about flood damage, bridge foundations or the integrity of your underwater assets, it’s essential a specialised underwater services team is there as soon as possible. Our highly skilled and flexible team can be there to assess underwater assets within hours, so call us straight away to discuss your requirements.

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