Unmanned Inspection Systems

At Inspire, we have been using the very latest technology to create safer and higher quality inspection solutions since our earliest days. By using a range of unmanned inspection systems we can access a variety of challenging environments without the need to stray from a position of safety. Our engineer-led team have decades of experience in the highways and rail sector, developing a range of innovative inspection techniques to safeguard your assets.

Our unmanned inspection solutions can be used in a variety of situations, whether it’s structures with restricted access such as culverts or high-level structures including bridges and viaducts. Prioritising safety at all times, we pride ourselves on keeping our equipment up to date and industry-leading so we can continue to offer a diverse range of inspection solutions for our clients. Whether it’s being able to send our drones further or developing detailed 3D models from the data we’ve gathered, we are committed to innovating and embracing the latest advances in technology.

At Inspire, we continue to invest in our aerial survey technology and have a variety of drones available, based on your requirements. We have a fleet of advanced drones that offer unbeatable accuracy for our clients. Not only do drone surveys provide highly accurate data, but they can also save businesses time and money, with the need to physically access tracks or roads removed. With important infrastructure across the country, we know how important it is to gather accurate data about transport networks, and our Unmanned Inspection Systems allow businesses to survey even the most inaccessible or busiest areas.

Our UAV systems can be an efficient solution for large scale surveys, with highly accurate data and impressive flight times. We can carry out a range of operational property surveys for clients where standard access would involve a high level of planning and risk management. Our drones can survey structures across your network as well as check for damage or condition of roof areas, under bridges and in remote locations.

We are dedicated to adopting the latest innovations so our clients know they can count on the quality of our imagery and reports and we can advise you on the best solution for your project. Our skilled team of inspectors are highly trained to use all of our unmanned inspection systems.


Made in the UK by us, our specialist DAKK CCTV system has been designed and built to our exact specifications, for unrivalled accuracy and dependability. Its sturdy construction and advanced components have been designed to perform in the most challenging environments. Our DAKK system is especially effective in culverts and pipe systems and it has been designed to operate effectively in situations where silt, water and other debris prevent traditional access. At Inspire Structures, we understand the constraints that are in place when working in challenging environments and have created an unmanned solution that removes risk and delivers precise data.

Since we created our market-leading DAKK system, we have inspected 1000’s of culverts using this technology. We have a range of systems including a large Crawler DAKK which can climb over debris, a mobile Push Dakk, an Aqua DAKK floating robot and our Trak DAKK designed for small culverts with reduced clearance. There is a wide range of benefits of using our DAKK system including:

  • Delivery of inspection without the need for our staff to enter confined spaces
  • We can inspect up to 120m
  • Highly portable equipment

High-Definition video footage produced giving clear imagery using our 360° pan-tilt camera


We boast a wide range of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) inspections using our state of the art drones to survey a wide range of environments and facilities. At Inspire Structures, we are proud to have been approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to operate aerial drones across the UK for our clients. All of our technicians have carried out rigorous training and possess a remote pilot license as well as inspection experience and associated competency. Drone surveys provide a wide range of benefits for our clients including:

  • Delivery of inspections without the need for staff to work at height or in high-risk locations
  • Operated by experienced inspectors/ engineers with CAA approval
  • A new aerial view point giving data previously unachievable
  • The use of additional technologies such as LiDAR and Photogrammetry

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