Structure Investigations

At Inspire, we provide a wide range of structure investigations and ensure our clients have a deep understanding and full clarity of the condition of their assets. Our professional and experienced team have in-depth experience delivering structure investigations and can present reports and data concisely and clearly.

A close visual inspection of a structure gives us meaningful data, however, clients may want to understand what is happening under the surface to fully establish the condition, capacity or life duration of a structure using a non-intrusive methods such as:

  • Hammer tests
  • Metal thickness readings
  • Borescope inspection
  • Investigation of hidden critical elements
  • Re-bar investigation using Ferroscan
  • Cover meter surveys
  • Bearing inspections
  • Non-destructive testing using ultrasonic techniques
  • Paint inspection
  • Videoscope

During a non-intrusive investigation, a member of our expert team may identify an issue or concern that may require further inspection and recommend an intrusive investigation. Therefore and in addition to the above non-intrusive investigations, we are able to plan, coordinate and deliver a wide range of intrusive investigations, including:

  • Core drilling and testing
  • Carbonation testing
  • Chloride content testing
  • HAC content testing
  • Half cell
  • Pull off testing
  • Testing of permanent fixings e.g. anchor bolts
  • Exposure, inspection and reinstatement of hidden critical elements
  • Trial pits
  • Re-bar investigation using breakout method
  • Sample paint and testing
  • Sample metallic materials and testing

Trust our team

When it comes to structure investigations, there is little room for error. At Inspire we ensure all of our team are trained regularly and have the relevant experience to complete structure investigations safely and efficiently.

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